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Trust: The vehicle for spiritual wisdom AKR 2 (Code: PLE016)


Trust, more than any other glyph, is concerned with our ability to receive love- from ourselves, our universe, and ultimately from- Prime Creator. Many people, particularly those on a spiritual path have confused Trust with blind faith. The guides assure us that this ia a great misconception. Trust, as it applies here, has the quality of gentle allowance. This expanded definition of Trust has to do with loving ourselves enough to move out of our minds and into our hearts. It is about our ability to believe that we are divinely protected and guided. When we allow ourselves to enter into frequency of Trust we provide a vehicle, an instrument of conveyance , for the  deepest kind of winsdom to energize and point our life´s direction. When we make choices within the frequency of the Trust we are saying YES to life. We are allowing ourselves to believe that we are loved, that we are whole, that we deserve, and we will be provided for.


2.5 cm wide


Price: 700.00 MXN
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