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Honesty: The Balance of Polarities. TRN 1 (Code: PLE007)


TRN addresses the concept of polarity which fuels our world. Upon our world all activities take place whitin polarity. There is up and there is down, there is light and there is dark. In this instance we are asked to focus on the polarity of male and female which is like the two ends of a bettery. When we, individually and collectivily, are able to truly balance the two, we are free from fraud. We loose all need to lie or deceive ourselves or others. In this state of balance there is truthfulness about our very nature that cannot exist when we live in one polarity or the other. We gain the freedom to instinctively choose from a wide range of responses in any given situation and we have nothing to gain form doing otherwise. We became HONEST and we have no need to manipulate or become victim.


3 cm wide

Red, Blue, Black, White, Violet, Silver.

Price: 750.00 MXN
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